Website Alive

"With all of Alive Chat's features, your organization can convert more browsing prospects into Leads, and Sales in addition to having an instant customer service tool for your customers. Alive Chat also gives you the flexibility so you may chat from ANYWHERE there is an internet connection; even interact from your MOBILE phone. Alive Chat allows you to also see in real-time as customers browse through your web site – finding out important information about their visit. With that information, you can send them a customized Proactive Chat Requests that allows you to actively engage your customers and close the sale. Alive Chat can OPEN your site for business!"

Website: http://www.websitealive.com


Split Season Tickets

SplitSeasonTickets, LLC makes sharing season tickets quick, easy and fun. SplitSeasonTickets web-based services enable sports teams and entertainment organizations to help their most loyal fans find share partners and divide and distribute season tickets.

Website: http://public.splitseasontickets.com/


Future Tix

FutureTix provides consulting on ticketing practices and technologies for arenas, sports teams, universities, cultural institutions, and other attractions. Leveraging our years of ticketing industry experience and our proprietary analytical tools, we deliver strategic insight to our clients and drive smarter, more effective ticketing practices.

Website: http://futuretix.com/

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